Our Process


Meet and Greet

Signing a Contract

The owner of Gattsbys comes to your location for a complimentary meet and greet.

Discuss our services and how our fun and creative ways can generate more business and revenue for you. This is where we assign a date to get started, sign a contract, and no money down.

Staff Meeting


Inspection Week

The owner of Gattsbys and other professionals will fully inspect the operations, secret shop, perform management, staff and guest surveys, check for financials leaks, systems, cleanliness, competition, processes, opening, closing checklists, training, strengths and weaknesses, policy and operations manual, marketing, branding, and public relations.

Identify all areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, then we will create a detailed plan of action.


Policy & Operations Manual 

We will do a thorough analysis of your accounting to stop any leaks. How to reduce waste, increase revenue to create success. Just because you have been doing this a long time doesn’t make you successful. Bringing in a new perspective can see things that are causing you to lose traffic, employees, and revenue. Our 30 years of experience is to show you new, fun, fresh ideas and how to generate revenue and success.

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Financial Analysis

We will do a thorough analysis of your accounting to reduce waste, increase revenue and create success. Bringing in a new perspective can see things that are causing you to lose traffic, employees, and revenue. 


Training & Rewards

Your business is only as good as your team! 

Training, rewarding, and appreciation is a VERY critical these days! As well as to have a very successful business and end employee retention. Our in-depth, in-person training programs, will teach your staff safety issues and how to be successful salespeople to provide a consistent and genuine guest experience.

In return they make better money, earn rewards, your guests become salespeople and refer your business and you get more business and make more revenue. It's a win-win for everyone!

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One Year of Support

This 1-year commitment provides your business, staff, and your with hundreds of our services and techniques to improve and grow your business. Making life less stressful for you, giving you a better night's sleep, making you more revenue, and making your staff love where they work.

We look at every aspect of your business with creative eyes.
Change can lead to smarter approaches, more flexibility, and ultimately a better experience for your guests, staff, and you!

What does it cost?

This is a VERY affordable, effective, and beneficial program.

Gattsbys offers 1 flat rate and 5 different payment plan options to fit your budget.

NO money down when you sign the same day!

Hurry Call Gattsbys now!

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