Gattsbys new revolutionary hospitality marketing strategy is the first of its kind!

It was designed in 2020 for those in the hospitality industry.

Gattsbys heard your cry for business and revenue during this pandemic !

So Gattsbys took that time to research, talk with Chefs and businesses around the U.S.

and heard what they are doing to re-strategize and they are busier now  

than ever even with their doors closed.

Gattsbys then talked with several social media & marketing professionals

who said their clients are not getting traffic from social media

and their marketing strategies aren’t working anymore.  


So many businesses think they can’t afford an independent marketing professional

that they are expensive truth is:

You can’t afford not to hire a professional to bring you business.

I have seen time and time again companies using their employees

who are just sitting around burning up your money to "post" on social media,

well, it is JUST that and nothing more!

That is NOT marketing your business!

That will NOT bring you business!

 Their posting is not CONNECTING you to paying customers!


In fact it IS costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars every minute.

How you ask.....

What are you paying each of those employees “to post” “to play on social media” 

1) every hour,

2) day after day,

3) month after month,

4) year after year

5) the revenue you are losing every hour

6) the revenue you are loosing every day, month and year

add that up and see how that is cost effective marketing!


Companies are crying and going bankrupt and even closing their doors forever!'

This is why Gattsbys took their 30 years of sales and marketing and hospitality experience

and perfected this magnificent, extraordinary marketing strategy for hospitality businesses that WORKS!

1)    It IS cost effective!

2)    It is so engaging and fun for everyone.

3)    You WILL see return on your investment and quickly!

4)    Gattsbys is the ONLY marketing company using this successful strategy!

5)    Gattsbys offers a payment plan and with no interest!

Stop paying your employees to play on their phones and cost you business!

This strategy is the ONLY way to market and grow your business and generate revenue!

It is the ONLY effective way to market your business! 

It is the ONLY way to increase business and revenue during a pandemic and when your doors are closed!


Who is this Gattsby? What do they do?  You ask.....


We are hospitality and marketing experts that have perfected OVER 80 of the most effective marketing strategies to “personally” connect you to businesses and people in your county !

We will be your personal sales and marketing professional work horse

generating business and revenue for you in ways you never thought of. 

We stay ahead of the times and your competitor!

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