Most websites list features (about you), rather than benefits (the customer wants/needs NOW).

How is your site relating to THEIR needs RIGHT NOW?

What service are you offering that your competitor isn't?

What is enticing to make consumers call and buy from you right now?

Today's savvy consumer looks on Google for a business, not Facebook. When they open a website and see the home page is not beneficial to them they will not go past the home page, they will just close it immediately, and go to your competitor.

Causing you to lose over 50% of business and revenue.


Businesses that use Facebook vs. a Website need to know that over 50% of today's consumers and generation stopped using Facebook over 2 years ago! Over 30% of yesterday's generation doesn't have internet. Businesses post 45% of ads on Facebook and get a click rate of only 3.9% throughout the world. Therefore you are missing OVER 80% of revenue.


Today's savvy consumers want instant results to their questions and situation. They want to go to 1 place to resolve everything immediately, they are too busy to shop around. This is where you can shine! Be better than your competitors! Address "consumer's" needs/benefits on your home page and all pages after.


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