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Gattsbys does all the work for you...
We bring the parties to you...
planning, coordinating, and decorating for every type of event for business and personal.

We help generate Revenue by bringing the parties to you, we have hundreds of parties we can host every week to generate revenue on your slow days. We plan hundreds of daily, weekly, themed, seasonal, and holiday events for Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs, Event Centers, and more.

We plan and decorate for:
Hundreds of Themed Event Parties, Holiday Parties, Weddings, Showers, Retirement,
Tailgate Kickoffs and more.

Whether it's a business, home, or personal event we are here for you.
We have hundreds of fun, cool, themed event ideas and decor to help you plan memorable eve

Buys and Rents all your decor.
We set it all up.
We pick it up after the event. You don't have to do anything.

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Gattsbys Creates all your themed events, foods, beverages, and recipes. We work with your chefs and bartenders to execute the recipes.

Gattsbys creates and prints
all the menu designs, all the flyers, invitations, table tents, postcards, and posters for all your themed events.

Can do all the Marketing for your events.
Flyers, social media,
radio ads, website,
in-person and direct mail

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